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Division of Laura Lee

97-99 (LOV034)

01. Guess My Name
02. Love Stethoscope
03. Stereotype
04. 44
05. Time To Live
06. Royal Club
07. The Soul Of Laura
08. Chart Music
09. Tongue Twister
10. Stop! Go!
11. Coffeemaker
12. How Good You Are

Division of Laura Lee's 97-99 CD is a look back at the formative years of one of the more intriguing bands on the present soundscape. It is reminiscent of a time when a young band originally from Vanersborg, Sweden, was still in its embryonic stages. 97-99 is also a testament to how fluidly the quartet moved from the driving, DC-influenced mid-tempo rock on the album to the pulsing garage rock of their newer material on Epitaph Records. While their most recent album, Black City, has received press in such publications as Spin, Rolling Stone, Kerrang!, Alternative Press, and Q, 97-99 is a fresh look at how Division of Laura Lee made stylistic changes without sacrificing intensity or ferocity.

97-99 is a set of songs that are focused and clipped. Syncopated bursts of energy, each piece violently flames out, only to collide spectacularly into the following song. Division of Laura Lee is confrontational and confident on this group of remastered singles and early material, with vocals sneeringly spat out and jangling guitars tearing out of the speakers. Unrelenting and vigorous, the quartet attacks each song with youthful, indiscriminate abandon; Division of Laura Lee is a kinetic band with something to prove.

This expos» into Division of Laura Lee's early material reveals a collection of rougher, tumultuous songs earnestly performed by an eager, young band. With choppy and discordant hooks, the foursome conjures up pieces that are riveting, electrifying, and unsettling. Division of Laura Lee's compelling 97-99 candidly reveals how one of today's up-and-coming bands started off so auspiciously and fiercely.

Division of Laura Lee's explosive energy and dedicated early efforts have translated into top-20 college radio airplay (CMJ) and multiple successful tours of Europe (Scandinavia, Germany, France, the UK, etc.) and the United States. They have also performed with such acclaimed acts as Burning Brides and fellow Swedes The Hives and The (International) Noise Conspiracy.

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