Supine to Sit

Out of the ashes of Sleepytime Trio, Roadside Monument among others comes Supine to Sit. After a year of writing and rehearsing, the band booked time at Seattle's Paradox studios and started working on what has become Break Out Your Indicator, a musically challenging yet melodically accessible collection of songs.

With around a decade of relentless touring life on the road from previous musical projects coupled with years of involvement in punk and indie scenes, Supine To Sit brings an eclectic mix of pop sensibility, linear time signature progressions, and beautiful patterned guitar interplay. Vocalist Drew Ringo's lyrics touch on themes from melancholic personal life accounts ("Presidential Hair") to truth-is-stranger-than-fiction stories stolen from newspaper headlines ("That's Not A Spot").

Line-up changes occurred during the recording of Break Out Your Indicator, affording the band extra time to hone in on the particulars of the songs. Drew Ringo's angularly hammered Baritone-styled guitar playing adds extra low end to Luke Abrams' complementary guitar patterns. Drummer Matt Johnson's subtle intricacies slither in and out of Josh Gadtke's resonant, anchoring bass lines. The finishing touches of Ringo's boyishly warbled vocals add an irresistibly warm personality to sometimes sober and pensive themes.

The welcomed and surprising result is cerebral pop rooted in a m»lange of varied influences absorbed from varied, studious and fan-ish listening habits ranging from the sugary sweetness of sixties pop to the immediacy of hardcore, from textured UK-inflected drones to the innovative fusions of post-rock.

The ability to create a listening experience cerebral yet tuneful is a rare feat indeed and Supine to Sit has thankfully bridged the difficult gap. Fans demanding that their music choices require engagement and attention and those simply happy to sing along while on drives around town should both be pleasantly surprised.