Dechedron was formed from the ashes of Frodus in 2002 when Frodus's Shelby Cinca and Jason Hamacher decided to start playing again together. At the time they recruited Fugazi bassist Joe Lally to play bass. At the time they weren't sure on if the musical endeavor would go beyond just playing music. In February of 2002, Hamacher left for a 3 month excursion to Eastern Europe and Turkey after recording drum tracks for the pair. Cinca and Lally put together songs to the drums and decided that there's more to this than just a 'fun project'. Hamacher, while in the Syrian plains, suggests the name The Black Sea because of the region he was in.

In July, under the name The Black Sea, they self record a 3 song EP which was released on Lovitt Records. The three ended up taking extended time off at the beginning of year but when they all came back together they end up recorded a copious amount of material. The Black Sea finished a majority of their full length album Disconnection_Imminent when they received emails stating that the band name The Black Sea had been copy written 10 years ago and if they didn't change their name, legal action would be taken.

Soon afterwards, Joe Lally moved to the west coast (he has since moved back to D.C.) and the band changed its name to Decahedron. According to Shelby, they changed their name to Decahedron based on this statement: "Decahedron - a ten-sided solid geometric shape... a monolithic force appearing in the minute details of nature and primordial universal mass." Johnathon Ford of Unwed Sailor (who's previous band Roadside Monument recorded a split ep with Frodus on Tooth and Nail Records) filled in on bass.

Decahedron toured for three weeks in January and February of 2004 with Engine Down, Statistics, and Moments in Grace. In March, Dillinger Escape Plan, invited Decahedron to play at their South by Southwest Showcase in Austin, TX. In April of 2004, Disconnection_Imminent was released on Lovitt Records. Decahedron sets out shortly afterwards on their first full US tour. While they were out on their tour, they were invited to join the Plea for Peace Tour with Darkest Hour, and Cursive to take over Denali’s slot who had broken up right before the tour was to begin. The band was able to do some shuffling around and was able to meet up with the Plea for Peace tour for some of its dates.

Soon after the tour was over, Johnathan Ford decided to leave Decahedron

Cinca and Hamacher began working on a new EP and recruited Jake Brown from Moments in Grace to play bass on the album. The 6 song EP, called 2005 was recorded in 3 days at Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, VA and was later released on Lovitt Records.

Without a permanent bassist, they adopted this philosophy. "As of 2005, the founding Decahedron members decided to continue the band in an unconventional manner as a band without a permanent bass player. Sanctioning the tradition of jazz music and having session folk to sit in for creative explorations on recordings and in live situations."

During the month of June, Decahedron "[...]temporarily and indefinitely suspends all operations...".

Shelby Cinca currently is in Frantic Mantis and The Cassettes. He also does IDM/8-Bit Electronica Music as a side project.

Jason Hamacher is a world traveler/photographer who often visits Syria. He is now a massage therapist.

Joe Lally has moved back to D.C. He released a solo record on Dischord Records in the Fall of 2006.

Jake Brown started a new band called En Masse and runs Computer Club Records.

Johnathon Ford has been recording and touring with Unwed Sailor.