Bluebird is a rock group from Los Angeles- a mess of hair, guitars,
collision and exhiliration set to the odd light show, burning effigies
and guest musicians. Reckless, intense and throbbing while wide-open and
sensitive. Songs are reborn in impovisation or edited together,
coalescing into an evening's set. The Brothers Brown, desert people of
the American Southwest have been playing music with each other and with
various ensembles since their baby teeth. James the elder gravitated
towards strings and horns. Bryan towards percussion. In the mid 1990's,
as a rhythm duo, they began playing impromptu and improvised sets in and
around the LA basin. It was through these chance performances that Sam
James joined the Browns in their musical endeavors. Soon after, old
friend, nomad, and veteran roadie extraordinate, Barry Gordon Thomas
entered the fray contributing guitar sounds. Improvisations became songs
in which to improvise lyrics and music.

That the aforementioned foresome would become a band seemed an
unavoidable eventuality. The significance of these formative
machinations is that experimentation, dynamics and rhythm remained a
permanent organ in the group. Although their bashing as a
bass/drum/guitar unit accounts for most of their material, they've
included other accompanying instruments and musicians in their work.
Vibraphones and accordians even find their way into recorded work.
Satellite congeros and timbaleros join them on stage.

In the tail end of the year 2000, the addition of fellow Bluebird
compatriat occured in the form of Shelby Cinca. Formerly of Frodus, a
bombastic DC-based futurist punk band that toured with Bluebird in 1998.
A short time after Shelby decided that the trips back and forth from DC
to LA were a bit too much.