is the brainchild of Dave Laney, also known as guitarist and founding
member of the bands MILEMARKER and CHALLENGER. Initially conceived as a
solo project, the first AUXES LP, “Sunshine” (Lovitt Records, 2007) was
an impressive display of multi-instrumental virtuosity, with Dave
handling all instruments and even engineering the recording himself (few
people, aside from Prince, have accomplished such a feat). To translate
AUXES into the live domain, Dave enlisted help from friends and
associates such as Ben Davis (MILEMARKER, SLEEPYTIME TRIO), Mike
Triplett (FIN FANG FOOM), John Crouch (CALTROP), and Jay-buss Bowman
(RIGHTS RESERVED, EAGLE BRAVO). The live band grew into an ever-shifting
entity of musical collaborators, taking on a life and unique momentum
of its own.

AUXES’ second LP, “Ichkannnichtmehr” (Gunner Records,
2010) represents a shift in approach and in the life of its principal
protagonist. In mid 2009, Dave Laney made the move overseas, now
residing in his newly adopted hometown of Hamburg, Germany. Musically,
this has resulted in a stripped-down, aggressive punk rock sound-
fitting for a city where cop cars are routinely set on fire. Drum duties
on the record are split between Florian Brandel (known for his work
with AIRPEOPLE and the legendary ENIAC) and Noah Leger (MILEMARKER, HEAD
OF SKULLS). Other players include Pete Wagner, steady AUXES bassist
since 2008, Al Burian (MILEMARKER, CHALLENGER), and Tim Remis (SWEET
COBRA, CHALLENGER, MILEMARKER). The shifting line-up adds spontaneity
and tension to live performances, with audiences never knowing quite
what to expect, save for one certainty: that the music will kick their