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Loose Lips Sink Ships (BFM023)

1. Some Are Love
2. No More Fighting Cats, OK?
3. Queen Of The Sketch Patrol
4. Yes Sir, Yes Way
5. It's A Hard World Sometimes For Little Things
6. Jesus Loves You
7. Send Jolley to Raleigh
8. For Bob Riecke

Over the last three years Des Ark has recruited an overwhelmingly devoted army of fans with their stripped down, take no prisoners live performances, and unique take on punk rock song writing. Now; after the release of several well received singles, compilation track submissions, and a critically acclaimed EP, this Durham, NC duo bless the universe with the release of their debut full length album. With the J Mascis/Zeno Gill (Dinosaur Jr/Pox World Empire) recorded "Loose Lips Sink Ships", Des Ark delivers the intimidating sexual energy of PJ Harvey, the power of Shellac, and the song writing ability of Blonde Redhead. Comprised of Tim Herzog (Milemarker/Cursor/Jade Tree Records) on drums and Aimee Argote (Rubeo/Mr. Lady Records) on guitar/vocals, Des Ark is not a background music kind of band. Des Ark is a "Holy shit! This is crushingly sexy, intense, and intelligent!" kind of band.

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