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Maximillian Colby

Discography (LOV030)

01. New Jello
02. Sifelaver
03. Waht's the Matter River?
04. Coughfin'
05. Shoot Hypotenuse
06. Bluestone
07. Petty Fix
08. Spacrly
09. Right Right Left
10. Cowboy Syndrome
11. itt
12. Anacin
13. Last Name
14. Balance
15. One Gallon Alda
16. Chuck

Simply put, the Maximillian Colby retrospective discography is a document of not only a (sadly) relatively obscure band, but also a snapshot of a mid-'90s sound still aped by fall-on-the-floor-wailing revivalists today.

Maximillian Colby fashioned seminal works on their own terms. Neither purely aggressive nor depressingly somber, Maximillian Colby's music creates soundscapes that can rupture the eardrums and soon after lull the mind. As a band, they melded crisp whispers with clamor drenched in feedback to dizzying, cathartic effect.

With songs that run such a gamut of genres, Maximillian Colby never let their music lapse lazily into incoherence. Rather, the sounds they created are a lesson in methodical precision and totality. For example, how many other bands can succeed in writing an engaging, eight-minute song whose two primary tones are within a half-step of each other? Maximillian Colby were all too happy to wring the utmost out of something as deceptively innocuous as a pair of notes, exploring their many inherently possible rhythms, dynamics,
and effects.

This all-encompassing exploration of the different, nuanced qualities of each song reflects Maximillian Colby's playful, deft approach to their art. Songs will build and build, only to have the climax moments or even half a song later. What seems like relentless adolescent pummeling is in fact incredibly intentional and calculated. This charismatic musical approach ensures that Maximillian Colby's music remains as captivating, animated, and vital as it was a decade ago.

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