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Ben Davis

Hushed Patterns of Relief (LOV024)

1. Finally I Stand
2. What Drifiting Will Do
3. Black and White Parade
4. Poised and Determined
5. Misdirection
6. Work of Many
7. Conclude This Moment
8. Coats Need Rest Too
9. Your Terms Are Now Mine
10. Wrestling Will Not Help

The Hushed Patterns of Relief is Ben's first record and evolved from a quiet solo effort into a full- fledged band project. After Sleepytime Trio dispersed, Ben founded Milemarker, who toured and recorded furiously for a couple of years. As Milemarker began touring even more relentlessly, Ben discovered he was going to become a father. The remaining members of Milemarker relocated to Chicago, while Ben decided to stay in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and prepare for birth and fatherhood. He began amassing a collection of slow, melodic, introspective songs written primarily on the piano and realized he longed to perform live again. Asking several friends to learn his songs, he noticed each person who collaborated with him brought unique and creative influences. Songs grew, changed, and developed out of these sessions; after requests for an actual release and several shows, Ben decided to take the band into the studio. What has resulted is a tightly-knit collaboration of musicians and Ben's original vision for the record. Cello, lap-steel guitar, and piano accentuate the recurring motifs that rise and swell throughout the record.

Produced by Brian McTernan

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