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Puff Pieces

Bland In D.C. (LOV081)

1. Wanna No
2. Object Accumulation
3. Y
4. Wondrous Flowers
5. Money
6. Cash Register
7. Goths N' Vandals
8 . March Of The Idiots
9 . Mindhead
10. Pointless People
11. Women and Men w/ Guns

*Now On translucent green vinyl pressed at Pallas*

Bland in D.C. is the debut full-length by Washington, DC-based trio, Puff Pieces. Formed in 2012 by Mike Andre (Antelope), Amanda Huron (Vertebrates, Caution Curves), and Justin Moyer (El Guapo, Antelope, Edie Sedgwick), the group has released one four-song 7" single (also on Lovitt) and performed regularly throughout the D.C. area and East Coast. The album includes 11 songs recorded by the group and by Devin Ocampo at various District-based home studios.

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