Ben Davis

Storms We're In For (LRLV015)

1. old window pains
2. empty lanes wind on
3. shuttered up
4. chance for flight
5. tracked and traced
6. sparrows call silence
7. hold this house
8. darker arrows loom
9. the falls take all
10. red sky in mourn

* This is a digital only release which you can purchase or stream on Bandcamp

It has been a while since Ben Davis released Charge It Up! with his band of Jetts. Now close to 4 years later he has a digital only EP entitled, Storms We're In For; a little darker, a little heavier, the songs echo the ebb and flow of the complicated life journey we all take.

Ben Davis began his musical career with pioneering punk bands Sleepytime Trio and Milemarker, touring the world relentlessly for years. With the onset of the birth of a son, Davis settled into the Chapel Hill area and began a quiet solo project in his bedroom. Ten years later, this project continues forward as a full fledged band. After tours of Japan, Europe, and the USA, Davis and his tight knit band "The Jetts" brought their experience together to the studio to create a focused and concise record with a darker energy than previous albums. The veteran band friends that make up the band recorded at friend Alex's Seriously Adequate Studio in Carrboro. It was mixed by longtime collaborator Nick Petersen at Track and Field Studio.

Check out videos for Empty Lanes Wind On and Chance For Flight or stream the release on Bandcamp.