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Office Of Future Plans

Split 7" (w/ Daria) (LOV074)

Office Of Future Plans:
1. Solipsist (new original)
2. The English Cloud (Daria cover)
3. 24 Doors (Rifle Sport cover)

4. As The Dust Settles (new original)
5. Dumb It Down (Office of Future Plans cover)
6. I Want The Moon (Leatherface cover)

The Office of Future Plans (the new project from onetime Jawbox frontman J Robbins along with cellist Gordon Withers, bassist Brooks Harlan, and drummer Darren Zentek) have a new split release with French band Daria. But while the music is new, their relationship runs deep. The friendship between OFP and Daria partially rests on shared experiences working with late producer Iain Burgess. Burgess had recorded Jawbox's Novelty, and Daria worked with him as well, after Iain moved to France in the 90s. The idea for the 7" + EP came about as a nod to Burgess's work and his role in shaping the "Chicago Sound" of the 90s which went on to influence Steve Albini and much of guitar-based indie rock.

The 7" contains two new originals from each band, but there are 4 digital bonus tracks as well: 2 of each band covering the other, and 2 other covers in honor of the late producer Iain Burgess. OFP covers Rifle Sport's "24 Doors", and Daria covers Leatherface's "I Want The Moon". The songs are exactly what they should be, a blast of angular and sinewy music that sounds at once fresh and yet makes absolute sense in the lineage of either band. Both bands churn through their respective songs, playing with the kind of passion and depth that is reflective of their mutual admiration of each other and in honor of Burgess - it is a fitting tribute to an amazing legacy.

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