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Frodus/Atomic Fireball Split (LOV017)

1. Frodus: Disco
2. Atomic Fireball: Swingset

Day by day our lives begin to move faster, and time itself quickly becomes our worst enemy. Even as mankind creates mechanized assistants and computers to free time and assist our everyday lives, we become even more enslaved by commodity. Life becomes a blur and the world around us continues to move faster, influencing everything from our work to our play. It is not a strange consequence that the modern day human's nature of the late 20th century shows a trend of short-attention spans and high-tension buildup. And as the perpetual speed of life gains momentum, every one of us nurtures a growing orb of potential energy craving to become kinetic within our very unconsciousness. This is simply the product of what we have created in our world, and it is now beginning to spill over into our consciousness and the world around us. Chaos is the ruling force that is taking its throne in the universe once again.

This 7" is a reflection of our times as it teams up the manic sounds of DC's Frodus with Japan's Atomic Fireball for the most insane Lovitt release yet, pushing "spazzcore" beyond its known limits! Each band covers each other's songs to create extremely intense musical annihilation. Frodus takes Atomic Fireball's "Disco" (from their double 7" on Super 8) to new territories of Boredoms-esque screaming/noise with a touch of Black Sabbath-monument-toppling heaviness. Atomic Fireball gives the people a "mech-core" attack in the form of "Swingset" (originally appearing on the f-letter LP) by Frodus, taking the song straight into the corona of the sun with scorching vocals and a rhythm section that sounds like an aircraft flying straight into a building at 800,000 mph!

Prepare yourself for the future.

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