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Rah Bras

Concentrate to Listen to the Rondo that We Christen King Speed (LOV011)

1. FYC
2. Water Damage
3. Bus Stop
4. Great Garden
5. Blimp (De Fook-Oh)
6. The Fifth Allen
7. Nasty, Freak

Former and current members of Sleepytime Trio, Men's Recovery Project, hose.got.cable, and Damn Near Red form this fresh and exciting band from Richmond. This CDep is THE perfect soundtrack for the year 5000 when pod-based creatures dwell this earth after humanity as we know is has become a thing of the past and faded into genetic extinction. The music that the Rah Bras create is beyond comprehension through the normal means of rock n'roll archetypes.

"The Rah Bras are superb upstarts who sound more like Essential Logic than Missy Elliott"
- Rolling Stone

"An evil Punk Rock musical on crack"
- Under the Volcano

"If you're a fan of Victory Records or other stuff like that, please do not attempt to comprehend these here sounds of the Rah Bras"
- Nothing Left

"This is one of the most important punk records since Double Nickels On The Dime"
- Alternative Press

"Honestly I have never heard such a conglomeration of insane noises and voices"
- Outback