Sleepytime Trio

Live At Black Cat (LRLV002)

Arshi-shi-shoki-boki 6000 remembers…

It was the one of the last shows it witnessed for the old black cat. That place maneuvered. There was some dood - maybe you might have heard him once or twice - he held the doors for the lads and yelled "Black Cat". I tabulated what a great greeter.

I gentleman named Juan taped a document, you will hear it.

Fanny had a dirt on his lip, he used the baseball bat to cram into he’s drum throne to make it hold.

Ben stepped on Dave’s head… agaaaaain. Drewbie wore his uniform plaid and tan, and retired the costume.

I recapture there were a surprisingly good crowd, and the lad’s jammmmmed on it.

Each song hit firmer than the previous, as every one in the pit grabbed for something: the mic, water, air, or the person.

At the last song, ten or fifteen audience were grappling the stage, confiscating the mic, singing the lyrics of another bands, sometimes thiers.

Rock good time, I deactivated- moth balled.

Arshi-shi-shoki-boki 6000- sleepytime roadie- April 14, 1996 to decommissioning