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Sleepytime Trio

Memory Minus (LOV009)

1. Butter Scaryflies
2. Jesus Extract
3. Rock Candy
4. Like My Plain
5. Flake City
6. Your're Dead; Lava
7. All Ease
8. Lancing Organic
9. I'm Not A Spy
10. Dear Hands,
11. Onomatopoeia
12. Speak Again Twice
13. 30 Equals
14. not without my (swimmies)
15. All Ease (LIVE)
16. Jesus Extract (LIVE)
17. Lancing Organic (LIVE)
18. Like My Plain (LIVE)
19. Rock Candy (LIVE)

Sleepytime Trio's sound brings to mind a vision of a world verging on chaos only to be held together by the slimmest measure of order. A tour de force, Memory Minus shows a group bent on distilling their volatility into calculated fury and bravado. This album is a collection of Sleepytime Trio's total work, including their 12" EP on Lovitt, various 7"s, and compilation appearances, as well as several live shows from their European tour in 1997. First released in 1998, Lovitt released a remixed and remastered version in 2004 for better audio quality.

A total of 20 unforgettable songs:

-Songs 2,3,5,7,12,14: Recorded at Neptune Studios, Occoquan, Virginia, by Max Henkel, 1996

-Songs 1,4,6,8-11,13: Recorded in the basement of WGNS, Washington, D.C., by J. Robbins, 1997

-Songs 15-end: Recorded live in Germany, 1997

"There is a ton of energy stored on this little CD. Get it and listen to it, but kids be careful because handling explosives is dangerous"
- Muddle

"I was completely floored by this release"
- #2

"The overall mood of Memory Minus is a raucous ride through angst, aggression and fiery emotion"
- Rocket

"Up for Album of the Year"

"Pretty empowering stuff overall"
- Alternative Press

"This record rocks my ass"
- Slave

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